Main point

This is Arugam Bay’s main surfing break, which is mostly enjoyed by experienced surfers, but as it is close to the heart of the town’s activity, it sees the most visitors.
Main Point is also fun if you just want to watch others surf or hang out by the beach. The Main Point has intermediate waves which require some skill to surf, but just before that there’s Baby Point, which is a great point for beginners to start with.

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is every veteran surfer´s dream;a long deserted sandy beach, dotted with some huge boulders at the water´s edge. This beach is not as crowded due to its distance from Arugam Bay.

Pottuvil Point is a playful sand-bottom point and on a good south swell, the wave begins up the point, allowing you to run close to the shore for almost a kilometre. The wave breaks so close to shore that you can simply hop off onto the beach and run back around instead of swimming.

Whiskey Point

Whiskey Point is ideal for beginner to intermediate surfers. The tide breaks somewhat perpendicular to the beach, meaning that you can catch waves without swimming out too far. The waves are also gentle enough that surfers often lazily bob and let them pass until a ripe one arrives.

The waves, however, are not gentle to swimmers. While it is simply a bay, without rocks or undertow, the waves can come in powerful, catching you off-guard.

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